Taimur Cleary grew up standing on top of a compass rose in northern Michigan. Indeed, some say he is there, still. He painted as a child, and has found various ways to maintain the habit; including but not limited to, undergraduate degrees in painting and photography at Miami University, and a MFA from Pratt institute. He has received a range of grants, awards and residencies as an artist and educator. Currently, he paints and teaches full-time as an Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at Northern Michigan University.

His artistic direction is informed and fueled by evolving interests in art history, perception, meteorology, memory, abstraction, photography, Gerhard Richter, Phenomenology, Don Delillo, wind, Monet, Manet, circadian rhythms, Mark Rothko, Modest Mouse, his grandfather, birds, Andrew Bird, cardinal directions, atmosphere, his students, the obliquity of the elliptic, e.e. cummings, Bertolt Brecht, reflections, Dana Saulnier, Willem DeKooning and travel… to name a few of the nameable.

Taimur’s work is made possible by generous support from his family, friends and colleagues.